How the Emotional Body can heal…

Our offerings

    Reiki/universal Energy healing

    Energetic sound healing

    Combining energy and sound for healing

    Sound healing

    Redstone Healer is available for event bookings

    Individual and group bookings by appointment only

    Colour of sound healing

    Energetic colour healing

    Learning how to Manifest

    Love and relationships

    Health, wealth, and happiness

    House, Career,Location


    Spiritual life coaching

    Feeling stuck?

    Feeling lost?

    Drawn to the ancient ways and knowledge?

    Not sure which path to take?

    Yearning for a better inner standing of self?

    Why I am here?

    What are my gifts in this lifetime?

    Did one or more of these questions resonate? then why not book a discovery call to explore the gently calling of the Soul Voice?

    This could be the next step in helping you to take the next big step

    Contact us today and book a discovery call

    Introduction to foraging walks


    In house or bespoke to your event

    motivational speaker

    Redstone Healer is available for booking. Would your group like a talk about energy, sound, foraging adventures and more…then please do contact me for more details.

    Bespoke events and packages

    By arrangement

    payment options –

    1. Packages are to be paid in full at time of booking. Alternatively a 50% deposit can be taken at time of booking to secure the place. Remaining balance is to be paid in full at the first session via bank transfer.
    2. For one off booking, payment is required at time of booking.
    3. For events, workshops or talks, a 50% deposit will be required at time of booking to secure the date. The remaining balance to be paid on the day via bank transfer.