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‘Everything is energy and everything is connected’

Redstone Healer 2019

redstone healer Did I find healing or did healing find me? Probably a little bit of both.

Sometimes it isn’t until you are confronted with an illness at close quarters amongst your family or friends, that an ‘aha’ moment of realisation pops up, and suddenly you can see that you have also been ill in many ways too.

Now illness can take many forms and what starts out as an emotional issue, can over time, become a mental and/or physical one too

This realisation led me to ask myself what was feeding and nourishing my soul. How was I working to achieving inner balance? Where were my boundaries? Did i even have any?

Every part of my life steadily came under the microscope, from my diet, to exercise, the company i was keeping, my work and home balance. Every old part of me was slowly crumbling and falling down into the dust as a result of this overhaul in ways of being.

I was also thinking about how I was feeding and exercising my mind. Was it with positive or negative thoughts? Was I embracing new ways of working through issues or simply replaying old emotions and then using tired and outdated coping mechanisms instead?

I came to realise that you can in any moment change the script and start over. Instead of letting fear hold me back, i started to question what was on the other side of fear? Whose beliefs are these anyway? Why am i standing in my own way and many more things kept popping up, as the unravelment continued.

Once I started to realise i could heal myself, it felt natural to want to share what I had learnt. Those sudden moments of clarity when things fell into place for me. The separation from dwelling in the past, or worrying about an unwritten future. The calm i felt from living in the now.

The reclaiming of my power and standing in it. So, so many positives from taking those first few shaky steps. This onion has many layers, but peel them and keep going i kept telling myself. So i did, and still do.

I felt drawn towards Reiki Energy healing, completing both levels one and two . Next came sound healing, and studying how to use it in a therapeutic way. An interest in colour healing and nutrition followed.

The more i fell in tune with the authentic nature and purpose of my mission here upon Earth, the louder the calling from Mother Earth became.

That ancient knowledge and the ways of honouring her cycles, stirred within me. Her loving abundance led me down the path of foraging.

It felt like returning home and i am sure i have worked in this way in previous lifetimes. I began working with other foragers and plant healers to deepen my knowledge of how to use plants for food and medicine more.

So much has changed on this journey, which started back in 2012, I have shifted in so many ways. Both physically and metaphysically.

It hasn’t always been easy though. I have lost many people along the way either through choice, mine or theirs, or heaven has taken them. I have shed old belief systems, old patterns of behaviour. I have learnt to treasure every moment, as i know the brevity of life.

Things i have learnt along the way…

How i respond is always my responsibility, in any situation i decide how i feel about it. The power is always within my hand to elicit the change i want to bring about in my life.

There is nothing to be gained by moaning about an outcome, far better to put that energy and attention into making a positive change for me and those i care about.

Take a risk, step outside your comfort zone, dream big, speak kindly of yourself and believe that anything is possible, anything.

Learn to laugh at yourself. Try something new. Failing is not the end, it is the beginning. Shifting your perspective is vital for growth.

Nourish yourself with good food, friends, feelings and see your foundations grow.

Be open to change and flow with it. Something better is coming your way as a result.

There will be so many lessons and learnings along the way. Life is for living, it doesn’t always have to be at one hundred miles an hour though, It is ok to be still. It is ok to be.

Vulnerability is strength. Help is always available. Nothing is insurmountable. You are capable of far more, than you have ever been led to believe.

Do not let yourself be limited by other people’s beliefs. You have got this.

Remember you are a warrior and wear that armour with pride.

My outlook on life has changed forever as a result, and without question immeasurably for the better. What i think is what i become. So in every moment, i choose my thoughts wisely, and always for my highest good.

May my words inspire you to start your healing journey too, and if you would like us to work together, then do get in touch today.

Take care X