About me

  • ‘Everything is energy and everything is connected’
  • Did I find healing or did healing find me? Probably a little bit of both. Sometimes it isn’t until you are confronted with illness at close quarters with family or friends, that you have that ‘aha’ moment and realise that you too have also been ill for many years.
  • Illness can take many forms though and what starts out as an emotional or mental issue, can over time become a physical problem as well. When I started to understand this, how everything is energy and how important it is to be aligned with what feeds and nourishes your soul. How working to achieving this inner balance, in turn restores your outer calm. I was able to start healing myself.
  • This realisation made me look at every part of my life, from my diet, to my daily exercise and also how I was feeding and exercising my mind. Was it with positive or negative thoughts? Was I embracing new ways of working through issues or simply replaying old emotions and then using tired and outdated coping mechanisms instead.
  • Once I had started to heal myself, it felt natural to want to share what I had learnt and discovered for myself, because if I can heal, then so can others. I felt drawn towards Reiki Energy healing and went on to become a practitioner. It led to me changing my diet to become plant based and to feeding my mind with knowledge and good thoughts instead. My outlook on life has changed forever and without question immeasurably for the better. Sound Therapy is the next step in my therapy evolution.
  • Do you feel like you are at a crossroads with your emotional, mental or physical health ?
  • Are you feeling ungrounded?
  • Are you feeling that your mind, body and soul are not in balance?
  • Do you have a sense that your energy is not flowing properly
  • Are current internal or external events weighing heavy on your mind
  • If any of this sounds familiar then why not get in touch 🙂
  • Ruby – 07599620077

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