My first Reiki experience

There it was again, that niggling ache in my left shoulder, dull but persistent and gradually getting worse. Initially a strain picked up at my weekly Zumba class. Over enthusiastically throwing myself into the routines no doubt and then unfortunately made a whole lot worse when I was in a collision which involved a violent knock to that same area. Whiplash and nerve pain were the end result of that. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Nerve pain is the worst pain in my opinion, it impacts on everything and sucks the enjoyment out of life. Luckily I found a really good sports therapist for a deep tissue massage which brought some instant relief and after a few more sessions it cleared up and the pain went away.

Over the next few years I was largely untroubled by this area, just the occasional grumble from time to time which I tended to put down to the cold and changing seasons. Winter chills getting into my bones no doubt or spending too much time working in cold environments. It just never occurred to me that this ache could be linked to my emotions instead and the turmoil going on in my life at various points. I would, in years to come, learn that you store emotions in your left shoulder and when unexpressed can manifest themselves in a physical ways instead.

A friend invited me to attend a pampering and shopping evening at the local school. There were lots of stalls and various therapies spread throughout the building. Amidst the hustle and bustle I found myself drawn to a lady who was offering Reiki. I had never heard of it, but was up for trying something new. It was just a matter of choosing a time slot and then returning later for a taster session.

About 10.15pm I found myself lying on her couch and wondering how it would be possible to relax with all the noise going on around me and feeling self conscious about closing my eyes with so many people milling around me. So it came as a surprise to find myself so completely at peace and unaware of my surroundings. I was relaxed throughout and the one place that I really felt the Reiki energy was, you guessed it, my left shoulder. It rocketed down my arm and felt like it was exploding out of my hand. What an experience.

That was the first time I had experienced energy coming out of my hands…but it would not be the last.



The best prescription :)

A moment spent in nature is never wasted. This line pops into my head so often now given the times we are in. When the external chatter is too loud and you cannot hear yourself think, or even quieten your mind enough, to be able to separate your own thoughts from those of the crowd, then let the wild call you instead.

'Wild i hear you calling my name. You whisper in the breeze. Your lullaby plays in amongst the waves. You send a smile for my face and lighten my mood. Being here, feels like coming home'

Poetry saved me and how…

It is a funny thing with internet searches, in spite of me repeatedly putting in the word ‘Brian’, google knew i really meant brain. I guess the fact i was looking for more information on tumors was a bit of a give away, after all who the hell was Brian Tumor any way?

Well he turned out to be an imaginary squatter conquered up by my dark humour at a time where my sanity needed saving. Enveloped as i was in the maelstrom of devastating thoughts and emotions that were shaking the very foundations of my world back in 2016. A sudden and unexpected medical roadblock took us all by surprise.

The tale of Brian Tumor.

Despite being numb and on autopilot for my husband and children, when i couldn’t speak about how i was feeling, i was strangely able to pour myself out onto the page instead and that is how the tome of Brian Tumor came about…

Bloody hell we have a squatter and his name is Brian Tumor
An annoying little man without hint of mirth or humour                                                              
Moved in without warning and is now living in our roof                                                                                 
There were signs of his existence but we didn't know the truth                                                                
Till one day he made a noise and now we have the proof                                                                              We do not know much about him                                                                                                                          If we did we would tell that is for sure                                                                                                            He really is not welcome though and needs to come out from behind his door
Now listen here Brian
This cannot go on
We really need to talk
You are a pain in the head
 Is what i said
You really need to take a walk
But i have been here for ages and you really did not know
 I have got squatters rights mate and i do not want to go
 I am quite happy to stay here mate although the space is very tight
I will keep making lots of noise too through morning noon and night
Well consider this your eviction notice Brian
Of that there is no doubt
Scream and shout all you like
We are gonna kick you out

Through the many ups and downs of the following years, my writing and specifically my poetry really has saved my sanity and how...