Grief reimagined…

Imagine if we lived in a society, where losses were obvious, where sympathy was palatable and those going through them, were not just seen, but properly supported too.

Imagine a society that was compassionate to those experiencing grief. Where no sliding scale was applied,

No loss was any greater or any less than another, and there was space and grace for all.

Imagine a society that listened to the man, made redundant from a job, that was part of his whole identity, his whole world in fact. Or the woman who grew up silent, in a house full of drama and an absence of love.

Where the smallest ones where heard, like the little girl who’s rabbit died, and the little boy who lost his ball in the sea.

Imagine a society that could create a space to hold others, to hear their stories, and meet them with love and compassion. A society that could hear, that which has not been spoken. Maybe ever.

That would pass a tissue, and allow those tears to fall. No fixing, no judgement, no need to do anything other than just holding space for that Soul, in that moment.

Everyday we imagine that time will come…has come…is already here.

So as we wait for this world to catch up, to finally grasp the gaping chasm that is grief and loss, we find comfort within the Grief Midwife energy, which steps forward and holds this space for now.

So just who is the Grief Midwife?

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