The medicine within -Growing your own food and learning how to forage too

A return to the land and the call of the soil

Nature has been calling me back, slowly, but surely whispering my name on the breeze.

Come to the woods, come to the forest, the meadow, the seashore, and the abandoned lots of land. Come and find the treasure that grows within these sacred nature troves.

Elder trees that blossom for cordiol making and berries for syrup too. Packed full of vitamin c. Excellent for cold and flu. The tea drank hot, will help to break a fever. Also elderflower tea (cold) is good for menopausal hot flushes.

The gentle healing properties of wild rose, with her petals and rosehip heads. She helps to heal your heartache, and the thorns are a reminder to protect yourself by having good boundaries.

With more vitamin c than oranges, the rosehips make a lovely syrup for cold and flu season. You can dry the petals for tea or to go into bath salts. You can also dry the rosehips for tea too.

When the frosts come and soften up the rosehips, you can get a lovely burst of sticky jam from them. Just avoid the seeds, as they do not agree with everyone. I usually put the seeds back onto the ground, so more roses grow.

The wonderful world of fungi has really expanded for me. I have come across mushrooms like the St Georges, field blewits, bracket fungi and turkeytail too.

Turkeytail is a medicinal mushroom, rather than an edible one, but it can be dried out and ground into a powder instead. Lovely in a hot chocolate. It has many health benefits, not least it’s cancer fighting properties. One to get to know for sure.

The unadulterated pleasure of growing your own food. 2021 was the first time i had crops of potatoes sucessfully grow for me. It was like finding little nuggets of gold, when i unearthed the first ones. Other mentions must go to my broccoli and spinach too. Another first were my beets and courgettes. Another great success story.

Looks like i will be getting my hands mucky in an allotment this year, so watch this space. As i approach a year of foraging within the wilds of the North East, i am reflecting back on how much i have learnt already, and how much more there is to know. Hawthorns, dandelions, nettles, cleavers and more. You have been my food and medicine allies throughout the last twelve months. So powerful.

Always the student and sometimes the master. Always learning, sharing, and growing.

Here is to more foraging and growing adventures in 2022 and beyond.

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