The importance of boundaries

“A field with no hedgerows is at the mercy of every wind that blows. Stripping away the top soil and eroding the goodness that lies beneath. Plants struggle to lay down good roots and in the absence of nesting birds to keep the pests at bay, they can fall prey to all sorts of blight and woes”. r merrick 2021

When you start on the path of healing, you may find yourself reflecting on why certain situations arose in the first place or having to consider could there be a repeating pattern when you revisit past events. Sometimes the task of unpacking that emotional backpack you have been carrying around for far too long throws up some surprises too. How good are your boundaries or do you even have any?

I have been drawn to the beauty of roses since i was a little girl wondering around the fields and the hedgerows where the wild roses grew.. The smells, the colours, the wild abandonment as they climbed over trellis, tree and scrambled over walls. The harmony and the thorns. Oh yes, i realise, she protects herself. She has boundaries and she teaches us so much.

A gentle healing. Mending a broken heart. Knowing your limits and enforcing your boundaries.

i am only now, really starting to understand how rose has been so tightly woven into the fabric of my story. She has helped to heal me many times over.

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