Poetry saved me and how…

It is a funny thing with internet searches, in spite of me repeatedly putting in the word ‘Brian’, google knew i really meant brain. I guess the fact i was looking for more information on tumors was a bit of a give away, after all who the hell was Brian Tumor any way?

Well he turned out to be an imaginary squatter conquered up by my dark humour at a time where my sanity needed saving. Enveloped as i was in the maelstrom of devastating thoughts and emotions that were shaking the very foundations of my world back in 2016. A sudden and unexpected medical roadblock took us all by surprise.

The tale of Brian Tumor.

Despite being numb and on autopilot for my husband and children, when i couldn’t speak about how i was feeling, i was strangely able to pour myself out onto the page instead and that is how the tome of Brian Tumor came about…

Bloody hell we have a squatter and his name is Brian Tumor
An annoying little man without hint of mirth or humour                                                              
Moved in without warning and is now living in our roof                                                                                 
There were signs of his existence but we didn't know the truth                                                                
Till one day he made a noise and now we have the proof                                                                              We do not know much about him                                                                                                                          If we did we would tell that is for sure                                                                                                            He really is not welcome though and needs to come out from behind his door
Now listen here Brian
This cannot go on
We really need to talk
You are a pain in the head
 Is what i said
You really need to take a walk
But i have been here for ages and you really did not know
 I have got squatters rights mate and i do not want to go
 I am quite happy to stay here mate although the space is very tight
I will keep making lots of noise too through morning noon and night
Well consider this your eviction notice Brian
Of that there is no doubt
Scream and shout all you like
We are gonna kick you out

Through the many ups and downs of the following years, my writing and specifically my poetry really has saved my sanity and how...

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